Union Township consisted of many small communities. Early on, these communities began organizing churches around their particular faiths, including Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian. Prior to this, some people traveled many miles for Sunday services, while others held services in their homes.

One of the first churches was built in the community of West Chester in 1818 by members of the Methodist faith. It was later torn down and rebuilt on Cincinnati-Dayton Road.

The Presbyterian Church, located in lower West Chester, was built in 1842. In 1889, that building was torn down and replaced with the building that currently stands at that location.

After seven years of renting it, the Catholic Church bought an old school house located next to the Presbyterian Church and remodeled it. In 1951, the Catholic Church bought the E.W. Scripps property from the Baptist Church and built a new building there.

The surrounding communities also built churches: Port Union in 1856, Gano in 1907, Tylersville in 1890, Pisgah in 1887, and Maud in 1937.
In 1961, Pisgah Baptist built a church on Rt. 42, Faith Community built in 1966, and that same year, the Church of Christ moved into the old West Chester Methodist Church on Cincinnati-Dayton Road.  This church closed in the 1940's due to a dwindling congregation.