West Chester lies within an oval area geologically known as the "Cincinnati Arch". This area has been one of the best on the continent for collecting fossils because the Miami Valley was once at the bottom of an ancient ocean.

In Ohio, Butler County is only second to Ross County in the number of antiquities and Native American mounds discovered. At one time West Chester claimed 11 mounds.

By nationality the largest group of early community inhabitants were German. The Irish were the next largest group followed by the English. Those who settled here were merchants, blacksmiths, tanners, and millers, but these groups were outnumbered by farmers. These farmers were attracted to West Chester by it's beauty and the quality of the lands.

On March 24, 1803 the Ohio General Assembly passed an act for the division of Hamilton County, establishing Butler County. The new county was named after General Richard Butler, a Revolutionary War hero.

On June 2, 1823 the County Commissioners met with a group of petitioners requesting the division of Liberty Township. The new township was named Union Township. It is unknown why the name "Union" was chosen.

The community was known as Union Township for more than 100 years. On June 28, 2000, the township became known as West Chester when residents voted to approve the name change.

For more about the history of this area, see The History of Union Township Butler County, Ohio by Virginia Shewalter.  The book may be purchased by contacting the Historical Society.

To learn more about history in Butler County, you can also visit the Smith Library of Regional History website at http://lanepl.org/smith.html.